Saturday , March 24 2018

A Guide to Promotional Products

Welcome to Token Promotions, a guide to buying promotional products for your business in order to promote your business effectively. There are a number of these promotional products that you can buy online such as promotional pens, mugs, other stationary, trolley tokens and much more. Trolley tokens are a great product as they are often needed and keep your brand in view for a long time and so these trolley tokens are highly recommended.

Here are the top five reasons why promotional tokens are recommended …

1. ’2 for the price of 1′ – Whether you are involved in the sale of coffees, sandwiches or entry to a site or attraction why not offer your visitors a promotional token which can be redeemed later that day or on a second visit?

2. Sell directly as souvenirs … a little something for your visitor to take away to remember their visit. Maybe they will hold onto it for another time or even give away to a friend who is thinking of popping along in the future.

3.  Use promotional tokens as prizes in games and competitions. How about speaking to your local radio station and offering 100 tokens to the first 100 customers who call. Winning a token may be a free invite but will be an incentive to bring along friends and ultimately result in more sales!

4. VIP tokens – how about distributing your promotional tokens to groups or individuals who you would like to do repeat business with. They can be slipped into a pocket or purse and are more likely to be used than a flyer which can be forgotten and thrown away.

5. How about using your promotional tokens to offer a free drink with any meal purchased? The token can be kept and used at a later date or passed onto a friend!

If you think Promotional Tokens may be a benefit to your business or organisation then please let us know – we will be more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote and we will also create a free electronic artwork proof for you to have a look at.

Trolley token keyrings, also called trolley coins, are great promotional keyrings, guaranteed to make sure your logo or message is always close to hand. Our trolley tokens are a stylish addition to any set of keys and a popular choice for businesses, local authorities, charities, schools and colleges to name but a few.  A trolley token promotional keyring is a super little fundraiser and makes a handy souvenir which will never fail to provide maximum exposure for your business or cause. Never be stuck for a pound coin again – simply detach the token from your keyring and pop it into your shopping trolley or insert into a locker … we guarantee your customers and supporters will absolutely love them! Have a look at our product range and simply click a product for further details. Let us know if you have any questions – we’ll be really pleased to help you select a trolley token promotional keyring that’s just right for you.