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Why use a Telemarketing company in Hampshire?

Okay, we used the dreaded word – telemarketing company. But wait a moment, that’s not such a bad thing – and here’s why. Because there’s a world of difference between a telemarketing company in Hampshire and a call centre from India interrupting your night viewing the soaps on TV.

We know everybody seems to have a bad perception of call centres, but a telemarketing company is completely different.

The difference between a telemarketing company in Hampshire and those dreaded call centres

Do you know why you get those intrusive calls, often interrupting your relaxing evening or weekend?

It’s because those poor souls are working in a stressful environment, where their calls are auto-dialled from them, working through a (often illicitly-acquired) list that isn’t prospects, rather it’s just random contact details.

They’re usually peddling some dodgy service – like PPI, or compensation claims – and they’re utterly despondent, as it’s soul-destroying work.

So this is why, when someone like you finally answers their (automatically-dialled) calls, they tend to just babble inanities to you from a pre-written script, rather than create rapport for you.

Sadly, this is the lot of the put-upon call centre worker, long hours of mind-numbing work, just looking for a random connection in a manner akin to modern-day snake-oil salesmen.

However, a telemarketing company is a world away from such annoying amateurs

To start with, a reputable telemarketing company in Hampshire such as Prospect Solutions is a complete different setup, because they’re experts at new business development.

Rather than adopt a scattergun approach like call centres do – calling hundreds of random numbers hoping for a connection – they start with qualified leads and aim to generate a genuine rapport. If a call centre is a machine gun, firing lots of shots but hitting not a lot, a telemarketing company is a sniper – firing a few shots but hitting the target every time.

Once they make a connection to a prospect, they don’t rattle a script off, rather instead they build rapport by building a relationship with a view to being a trusted advisor, rather than a salesperson.

By building a value added proposition, that benefits both parties, a telemarketing company in Hampshire can build a solid-gold connection and lead generation for businesses to work with, rather than sell to.

Why a telemarketing company in Hampshire can benefit you

Think back to the old axiom about the first rule of business – to protect your investment. What better way to do this than to invest deeply into new business development by relationship building from a qualified lead, to ultimately lead to a Return On Investment?

Experienced reputable telemarketing companies in Hampshire such as Prospect Solutions can typically recognise a massive 260% Return On Investment for their business development strategies.

Isn’t that something that would benefit your business? If so, why not get in touch with them today, and start building business and profit rather than wasting time?


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