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A Guide to finding the Best Display Banners

  • What exactly are display banners?

You’ve probably already worked out most of the answer for yourself; nevertheless, please indulge me, I am duty bound to elaborate further.

Display banners are not by any means a new concept. We’re all familiar with the monster PVC banner that’s erected every year across our main street to advertise the Rotary’s annual fete; and it does what banners are supposed to do, advertises!

Nowadays, the definition of ‘banner’ has to be liberally interpreted; there are many other novel, innovate and eye-catching advertising signage systems available.

  • Types of display available

Here are the top four most banner-like options:

  1. We’ve mentioned the ‘traditional’ PVC banner; a wonderful way to advertise, big, bold and reusable. What’s more these banners can be made to measure your requirements. The PVC material is extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions.
  2. A similar product, the mesh banner, can be used as an alternative to PVC. With PVC there’s a tendency for them to balloon and threaten to take off in the face of high winds. Mesh material is more ‘porous’ and less likely to fly.
  3. Flag banners are becoming ever more popular, they’re the ones frequently used to display on petrol forecourts. Extremely colourful, with a constant flapping that’s difficult to ignore. They are a great way to attract attention and to get your message across.
  4. My personal favourite is the extremely portable and compact roller banner. Just like a roller blind, simply pull your message out of the cylindrical holder, voila! Easy to erect and pack, an ideal solution for adverts and messages you’d like to relocate.

There are of course alternative display product you’d expect a banner company to stock. These include the retailer’s friend the ‘A’ board; simple, inexpensive and easy to rotate messages. Although the ‘A’ board is only as effective as the impact of the message displayed.

Furthermore, a good banner company will also be able to produce posters on paper, board and vinyl; either one-offs of long run printing.

What about designing my poster?

This is where you’ll need to employ a company offering a wide choice of options, backed-up by an experienced design team with all the latest printing technology.

Best place to start is by looking online for an established company with an excellent reputation in design excellence and banner supplies.

  • A recommendation

Spend a fortnight searching the web by all means. However, there is an easier way to find that one banner company that ticks all the right boxes.

Go to the Banner Design and Display website for inspiration, sound advice and excellent service!

Here you will find a well-designed, easy to navigate website packed with product information, price guides and tips. Banner Design offer the complete package, from design to production and delivery.

Go to their About Us link, top right of their webpage, to either telephone or email your requirements. You are guaranteed a swift and helpful response.

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