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A Guide to having Corporate Video Produced

So you’re considering having corporate video produced? Wise move – it’s the fastest-growing, most-engaged and appealing marketing material in business today. However, like anything, there’s good and bad corporate video and plenty of pitfalls along the way, which is why we’ve drafted this quick guide to having corporate video produced to help you.

But can’t I produce my own corporate video, perhaps with an app and smartphone?

Whilst it’s true there are some amazing apps and technology on smartphones these days, along with impressive photography and cameras in the marketplace, often being used by innovative Youtubers, the real question is – can you afford to take the risk?

Simply put, anyone can create a video, but not everyone can create a great corporate video? A good corporate video production incorporates many steps, of which filming is only one.

For example, here are the basic steps in corporate video production you should consider, and then ask yourself if you can do it all yourself.


A great corporate video starts off with a terrific brief. The client needs the corporate video to tell a story, such as product review, marketing message or an advertisement.

This could be as simple as a concept to deliver a message, through to a full storyboard.


When producing corporate video, you need to consider all the practical aspects such as location, props, actors, extras and other logistics.


Whilst this sounds simple, there are many variables which can affect filming, such as weather, people, environment, cinematography and above all, knowing what’s been filmed is what’s needed.


Despite what you may think, no corporate video goes straight from the camera to it’s audience. Careful post-production, including editing, soundtrack, processing, text additions, special effects and many other steps can take time but are pivotal to enhancing the message and experience.

Conclusion: Of course you can produce corporate video yourself, but why would you?

Let’s be honest – you’re limited in what you can really produce on your own with regards to corporate video, so why not considering using the experts such as Vebu?

With an outstanding portfolio of producing awesome work such as event filming, talking heads, brand video and animation, Vebu have a wide rang of creative video producers who can deliver an outstanding corporate video for you.

Of course, this may cost more than you anticipated by doing it on your own, but the results will undoubtedly be worth it, surely?

With a wide range of experience in producing corporate videos for over 20 years, Vebu are flexible enough to turn your video concept into reality – be it a small social media campaign through to a high end film crew.

Even better, Vebu can provide a far more competitive financial solution to your corporate video production needs because they will find you a perfect freelance producer to create the ultimate content, without agency prices.

So why not check out Vebu today, and your masterpiece corporate video production will  be one step closer to reality?


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