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A Guide to Accurately Tracking Your Time in order to Correctly Bill Your Customers and Clients

Having been recently demobbed from the army of the self-employed, I can tell you that one of the biggest failings of many a business is, their lack of time control. By that, I elude to the old adage, ‘time is money’.

Developing a tight billing routine is essential to the welfare of any business; get your billing wrong and:

  1. The customer ends up being overcharged, and not happy!
  2. You end up working for peanuts by undercharging

Believe me, invoicing, estimates and quotes rely heavily upon you time assessment for every job you take on. Don’t be left scratching your head, thinking of a random number and then adding VAT.

It just isn’t professional, it just isn’t fair.

I know what it’s like, the successful completion of the job/commission is the prime objective; followed by a sigh of satisfied relief and thoughts projected to the next challenge.

  • It’s not all about doing a good job!

Herein lies the Achilles heel of many businesses, I’ve been there, done that; patted myself on the back for a job well done and then been left struggling to work out how much to charge for my time incurred.

Crazy, because time equals profit! And profit helps pay my bills.

My accountant used to tear her hair out at my sloppy, seemingly ad hoc invoicing system … well actually it was ad hoc. And it was she who set me on the path to salvation, she said;

  • ‘Why don’t you try Alpaka Punch?’

This is an app used by many professionals, be they accountants, consultants, lawyers, designers, builder etc. etc.

This is app that will allow you to keep a tight grip on your billing … whilst you work!

This brilliant app just looks state of the art, what’s more it’s easy to navigate, beautifully laid out, and is available for IOS and Android users. The app will be your work companion; with you all day waiting to soak up valuable information.

The Alpaka Punch App allows you to keep tabs on every billing minute you work. No more ‘estimating’ your time spent on a particular job, or jobs, you can, with this app, nail your billable time to the minute.

This Alpaka Punch App benefits are that it will:

  1. Cut out a load of unnecessary hassle and guesswork
  2. Give you a greater air of efficiency and professionalism AND
  3. Highlight time that could have been overlook – that’s money lost!

In essence, the Alpaka Punch App will save you money and embarrassment for incorrect time billing.

Alpaka Punch goes further

The app goes much further than its prime aim to record billing time, it is also a scheduler/calendar for both work appointments and other activities. Not forgetting, an important feature to track your day to day work expenses.

Whether you’re employed or self-employed, it’s vital that you keep on top of your billing. Take the next step towards achieving greater efficiency and productivity … Try a free trial today by following this Alpaka Punch link.

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