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Going Green? …Try our ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Range

Here at Token Promotions we greatly value the world we live in and are keen to do all we can to help sustain it.

Many organisations are now being given environmental targets to meet as part of the government’s aim to encourage nationwide responsibility for the preservation of our world. In order to help companies meet those ever increasing targets we have incorporated a special range of promotional products which are made from recycled and green materials . The great news is that our eco-friendly products are great value for money and an excellent choice if you are looking to keep within a certain marketing budget. Many  of our green products are manufactured right here in the UK which means that not only are you benefiting from choosing a sustainable product but you are also supporting UK trade at the same time.

Our environmentally friendly products are made from a whole range of recycled materials. For example, our UK made plastic key rings, magnets and badges started life as a yoghurt pot! Our promotional frisbees are made from recycled DVD cases!

However, it’s not just plastic products that we want to go greener on … we also have a range of recycled pencils too. Our FSC Wooden Pencils are all made from sustainable sources and comply with ethically produced best practice. They come with a great choice of colours a silver ferrule and a pink eraser. By choosing this pencil you can be sure that you are supporting the Forestry Stewardship Council in their missions to develop responsible forest management by finding solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices. Look out soon for our new range of recycled pens and pencils.

To make life easier for you all of our eco-friendly products on our website will have our green ‘eco’ icon  by them. This will help you to know exactly which products to choose.

If you need any help please let us know – look forward to hearing from you soon!

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