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Selling products and services is an art, but one that requires constant practice and refinement. In today’s business scenario, the sales force is not just a key asset but a major source of competitive advantage as well. It is important that the sales personnel of any business be trained adequately …

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How to Use a Virtual Office in Birmingham

Do you want to start a business with minimum possible capital? Do you need to expand your access to new customers? Do you need to manage your staff from anywhere? Well, virtual office is the best solution for all these questions. Especially if you are based in Birmingham, it is …

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What are R&D tax credits?

In a world of ever-increasing buzzwords, and the complicated business of tax, the term ‘R&D credits’ is often bandied about as the next big thing. But what are R&D credits, and why are they important? Research and Development funding could be massive for your business, in terms of R&D tax …

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Why use a Telemarketing company in Hampshire?

Okay, we used the dreaded word – telemarketing company. But wait a moment, that’s not such a bad thing – and here’s why. Because there’s a world of difference between a telemarketing company in Hampshire and a call centre from India interrupting your night viewing the soaps on TV. We …

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A Guide to having Corporate Video Produced

So you’re considering having corporate video produced? Wise move – it’s the fastest-growing, most-engaged and appealing marketing material in business today. However, like anything, there’s good and bad corporate video and plenty of pitfalls along the way, which is why we’ve drafted this quick guide to having corporate video produced …

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How Should an Accountant Choose Their Software?

In the present day, each and everything has an effect on technology. With the development of technology almost everything has become easy to use and operate. The field of accountancy is one such example. Earlier accountants had to do the calculations, preparations, managements, and all other things related to their …

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